Company hospital Petumbukan

The Central Company hospital Petoemboekan belonged to the Serdang Dokter Fonds, together with the hospital Serbadjadi. The hospital was established in 1906 in the hospital ressort Loeboek Pakam. Source 1: Van de Velde, “Het hospitaalwezen op Sumatra’s Oostkust”, Het Ziekenhuis (1918), Legend nr. 18. Source 2: B.M. van Driel, Mededeelingen no.9 van het Pathologisch Laboratorium te Medan: Of 11,440 indentured labourers on this estate in 1929, 71 died (6.21 ‰). Source 3: Report 1919-1925 by G. Baermann, medical director of the Serdang Doctor Fonds.

Loeboek Pakam was the main town of the subdepartment Serdang of the department Deli and Serdang and was situated in the Government Eastcoast of Sumatra. The hospital disposed of the following buildings:

  1. A large central building with the departments: Meedical examinations on European and indigenous patients, pharmacy,darkroom, bath rooms, linnen room, telephone, offices, waiting rooms and an ample meeting room..
  2. Operation theatre for septic and aseptic operationswith bath rooms, sterilization and washing room.
  3. A mortuarium with section room.
  4. 8 Pavillons for indigenous patients with 450 beds (1 bed for children).

The hospital was situated in Pisang Pala Village, Galang District, Deli Serdang Regency. Coordinates:
Latitude: 3.493797 and Longitude: 98.681894.

After independence the hospital continued its existence under different names:
– Perkebunan V Petumbukan
– RS PT. Plantation V Petumbukan
– PTPN III Pettumbukan Hospital

The name ‘Petumbukan’ comes from the confluence of two rivers, namely the Batu Gingging River and the Bah Perak river, which in the Karo language is called ‘ pertumbukan’.
The hospital was closed in the year 2002.