Cy hospital Serbadjadi

The Central company hospital at Serbadjadi was founded in 1906 by the Serdang Doctor Fonds as was its companion hospital the Petoemboekan hospital. It was established by the NV Sumatra Rubber Cultuur Mij  Serbadjadi that owned 537 ha, at a distance  of 20 km  south east of Loeboek Pakam (Deli and Serdang). See Grote Atlas van NOI, p. 87. From the Report 1919-1925 of the Serdang Doctor Fonds : “During the first world war and immediately after the financial position of rubber was very good, but afterwards a severe crisis came which altered the whole economic position in the country and among the rubber companies the future looked very black. On account of the heavy losses every effort was made to enforce the strictest economy in the working of the hospital. The staff of doctors was reduced from 4 to 2, and the hospital assistants from 7 to 3. On the estates about 12,000 coolies were discharged. In 1924 the hospital was closed and continued on only for outpatient consults, four times per month.The sick coolies from the estates attached to this hospital were transported  daily by the hospital lorry to Petoemboekan.”

Serdang was a subdepartment and selfgoverning Landschap of the department Deli and Serdang, Government East coast of Sumatra, administrated by a controleur, residing at Loeboekpakam. The subdepartment comprises the Sultanate with the same name.  The Sultan of Serdang resides at Simpangtiga. The number of inhabitants was 148,000 of whom 600 Europeans and almost 18,000 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1290).