Cy hospital Seruway

The company hospital Seruway was established by the rubber company NV Landbouw Mij “Seroeway”, which exploited 1789 ha of rubber plantations, 23 km south of Langsa. Its production of rubber was in 1937: 209,109 kg of rubber. (Grote Atlas van NOI, p. 85).

Source:  Mededeelingen Pathologisch laboratorium no. 9, 1930, p. 7 (Table 1a).

Langsa: subdepartment and selfgoverning Landschap of the east coast of Atjeh. Main town had the same name and was situated alongside the Atjeh tramway. The subdepartment had 44,000 inhabitants, of whom 400 Europeans and 3,700 Chinese. Near this town the government caoutchouc company “Langsa” was situated (Gonggryp 1934, 725).