Cy hospital Siantar



The central company hospital of the Siantar Dokter Fonds at Pematangsiantar is mentioned by E. van de Velde, “Het Hospitaalwezen op Sumatra’s Oostkust,” Het Ziekenhuis, nrs. 9, 10 en 11, jaar 1918 (See nr. 26 of the legend of central hospitals). Another source:  Catalogus Inzending Hygiene tentoonstelling NI at Bandoeng, 1927; construction 1918-1921. Investment hospital: f 500.000;capacity per ward: 40 patients. A very large hospital of 800 beds. Source: Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch Laboratorium at Medan no. 9 of 1930: mentioned the hospital ressort Siantar and the workforce belonging to the hospital of the Siantar Dr Fonds: in 1929 a number of 19,265 indentured labourers,of whom 119 died (6.18 ‰).

The picture stems from the Tropeninstituut collection, code: TM nr 10002206.jpg and dates from before 1938.

See Grote Atlas van NI, p. 104-105 for a detailed town plan of Pematangsiantar (Department Simeloengoen and Karolands, Government East coast of Sumatra). including the surface of the hospital of the Siantar Dokter Fonds. Pematangsiantar knew a municipality council, chaired by the assistant Resident. The town had 15,000 inhabitants of whom 300 Europeans and 5,000 Chinese ( Gonggryp 1934, 1157-1158).