Cy hospital Tandjong Slamat


88344 Zkhs Ondern Tandjong Slamat Deli Mij 1905120px-COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Ziekenwagen_bij_het_Centraal_Hospitaal_van_de_Deli-Maatschappij_Tandjong_Slamat_TMnr_60024795




The company hospital Tandjong Slamat was an initiative of the Deli tobacco company. The hospital was established about 1905.
In the hospital ressort Tandjong Poera the company Tandjong Slamat employed in 1929 a number of 9,813 employees of whom in that year 6.32 % died in the central hospital of the company (B.M van Driel, Mededeelingen Pathologisch Laboratorium at Medan, nr. 9).

The main picture was published by the KITLV in 1905 (Imagebank no. 88344). It shows the hospital and the house of the pharmacist. The original album nrs 2/61 and K 28 were made by J.B. Obernetter at Munchen.

The location of the hospital may be found in Map Hospitals 1940.