Cy hospital Tebing Tinggi


Verbandkamer van het Centraal Hospitaal Tebing Tinggi

The picture is from the collection Tropenmuseum (TMnr 60024802).

This company hospital was established by the Deli Company at Tebing Tinggi (Ressort Tebing Tinggi) somewehere before 1918.

E. van de Velde refers to this hospital (legenda nr. 22) in his article on the Hospital System on Sumatra Eastcoast (Het Ziekenhuis, nrs. 9, 10 and 11 of the year 1918).

B.M. van Driel mentions it in his article on mortality among indentured labourers in 1929 (Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch Laboratorium 1930, nr. 9) The hospital belonged to the hospital ressort Tebing Tinggi. In 1929 there were 13,367 indentured labourers, mainly Javanese. Of them 82 died in the hospital (6.13 %).

The Memory of  transfer of office 1934 mentions this hospital as one of the plantation hospitals that made an agreement with the NI Government to admit also government patients.