Cy hospital Telok Dalam

The hospital of the Société Anonyme des Plantations de Telok Dalam (Hospital Ressort Kisaran) was established before 1918. The company owned 2,143 ha, 20 km southwest of Tandjong Balai. In 1938 it produced 322,229 kg of rubber on its estate. Source: Comprehensive Atlas of the Netherlands East Indies (KNAG/Asia Maior, 2003), 113.

E. van de Velde refers to the existence of this hospital in his article on the Hospital system in Sumatra’s Eastcoast (Het Ziekenhuis 1918  nrs. 9, 10, 11). It is represented by nr. 31 in the Legenda.

B.M. van Driel mentions the hospital in Mededeelingen Pathologisch Laboratorium no.9 of 1930 : In 1929 6, 97 % (15) of the indentured labourers (total 2,153) died in its hospital.

See for the location of this hospital Map Hospitals 1940.