Cy Kualasimpang

Zkhs Koealasimpang (Atjeh); code 18688; dec. 1919T

The general hospital for European patients at Koeala Simpang  was one of the central hospitals mentioned by van de Velde (Het Ziekenhuis, 1918) and by B.M. van Driel in the Mededeelingen no. 9 of the Pathological Laboaratory at Medan. It was situated in the hospital ressort Langsa. It admitted 13,994 patients in 1929, of whom in that year 107 died (7.65 %).

Koealasimpang was the main town of the subdepartment Temijang, department Eastcoast of Atjeh, Government Atjeh and Dependencies.(Gonggryp 1934, 661).