Kampong Minjak

This hospital of the “Koninklijke Maatschappij tot exploitatie van petroleumbronnen in Nederlandsch-Indië was established at Kampong Minjak (Palembang) in 1906. This was a private general hospital for European employees and the indentured labourers of the company and was managed by a European doctor.

Kampong Minjak was established in Lematang-Hoeloe, sub department of the Palembang Upper Lands, Residency Palembang. The administrative officer was a Controleur BB, stationed at Lahat, the capital of the department. The department had 55,000 inhabitants of whom 360 Europeans and 1200 Chinese. The subdepartment is the upstream area of the Lematang, branch of the Moesi. The population is not prosperous (Ladang culture, coffee  and coton, Hindoe anquities). See Gonggryp 1934, 758-759.