Nanga Djetah

120px-COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Ziekenhuis_bij_de_rubberplantage_Nanga_Djetah_in_de_omgeving_van_Sintang_TMnr_60014562 (1)

Ziekenhuis Nanga Djetah estate (TMnr 60014562)

This company hospital was established at the rubber estate Nanga Djetah in the region of Sintang (West Borneo) See about hospitals in Netherlands Indies. The picture (TMnr 60014562) of the collection of the Tropeninstituut was taken about 1920. Source: Grote Atlas van NOI, p. 354: “In the selfgoverning Landschappen in the Outer Provinces the military and administrative institutions of the Government were mostly concentrated on a small directly administrated area in the capitals of the selfgoverning regions. The standard-surface for this governmental enclaves was  a square paal (1 paal= 1,507 m), a terrain of 2.27 km².

Sintang was at the same time a department (Residency), a subdepartment and a selfgoverning Landschap with a capital wearing the same name. The Residency was the Westerafdeeling of Borneo under an assistant-Resident. This Residency had 185,000 inhabitants, among whom 46 Europeans and 5,500 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1301).