NV Kliniek United Sugar

The hospital of the United Sugar factories of Pekalongan was mentioned in the Regeeringsalmanak of 1910, part Kalender en Personalia, p. 484. Director was J.Blank. Medical director: J.F.H. de Graaf. Nurse S.M. Berghuis. In 1918, The Nederlandse Handel  Maatschappij, the Cultuur Maatschappij Kalimati, the Cultuur Maatschappij de Maas; Maatschappij tot exploitaatie van suikerfabrieken Tjomal and the NI Landbouw Maatschappij participated in the upkeep of the clinic. In 1929 the director was the administrator of the Sugar factory Sragi. Commissioners were the administrators of the sugar factories Wonopringgo, Kalimati, Tjomal, Bandjardawa and Petaroekan. All the companies mentioned were sugar estates in the region of Pekalongan. The clinic was not mentioned after 1932, so about this time it has been closed due to the miserable situation of the sugar industry.

The sugar estate Sragi belonged to the NV Cultuur Mij “de Maas”,which cultivated an area of 1,221 ha, 10 km SW of Pekalongan. The NV Maatschappij tot exploitatie van de suikeronderneming Tjomal was situated 14 km SW of Pekalongan (Grote Atlas van NOI, 273-274).

Pekalongan was a Residency, regency, district and subdistrict with a capital with the same name, situated in the province of Central Java. The population of the  residency was almost 2,640,000 inhabitants of whom 2250 Europeans and 25,700 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1155).