Padang Brahrang

83863 Padang Brahrang DeliBataviaMij in Deli Serdang ca.1928

The general company hospital of the tobacco estate Padang Brahrang was established by the NV Deli-Batavia Mij, about 6 km southwest of Bindjai. The date of establishment is not known, but must have been before 1918, as E. van de Velde mentions the hospital in his article in the review Het Ziekenhuis (1918). It is numbered 9 in the legend which accompanies his article. The photo is dated 1928 and is borrowed from the collection of the KITLV, image code  83863 with the title: Terrein van hospitaal Padang Brahrang van de Deli-Batavia Maatschappij in Deli Serdang. The photo belonged to Mrs. J.H. Grijns-Smit, Rijswijk. The hospital is also mentioned by B.M. vanDriel, physician of the tobacco company Arendsburg in his article about mortality rates among indentured labourers on the Eastcoast of Sumatra (Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch Laboratorium te Medan,nr. 9, 1930): in table 1a the estate Padang Brahrang is mentioned with a mortality of 66 on 7,259 labourers in 1929 (8.95 ‰).

Padang Brahrang was situated in the hospital resort of Bindjai.Bindjai was the capital town of Upper Langkat or Timbang Langkat of the department Langkat in the Government of East Sumatra. It had a municipal council chaired by the Controleur of the subdepartment. The town had 9,000 inhabitants, of whom 155 Europeans and almost 3,900 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 149).