Sungei Bulu

The Central Hospital Soengei Boeloe was established before 1918 in the region Serdang and Deli on the East Coast of Sumatra. The owner was a rubber company NV Mij.tot exploitatie der Tjong A Fie landen. The plantation was situated 12 km north of TebingTinggi. Area 2105 ha. In 1938 the company produced 229,2 kg rubber. (See Atlas van NOI, p. 89). Thehospital was also mentioned by E. van de Velde, “Het Hospitaalwezen op Sumatra’s Oostkust”, Het Ziekenhuis 9, 10 and 11 (1918).See nr. 21 of the Legenda der Centrale Hospitalen. See also Mededeelingen Pathol. 9, 1929: In hospital resort Loeboek Pakam on 5213  indentured labourers 23 deceased in 1929.


Loeboek Pakam was the main town of the subdepartment Serdang, department Deli and Serdang, Government East Coast of Sumatra (Gonggryp 1934, 764).