Sungei Sengkol

12637 Hosp TabakMij Arendsburg Deli1903

Hospital square Tobacco Company Arendsburg

KITLV Image-code 12637, dated 1903

This company hospital was  realized by the tobacco company Arendsburg at the estate Soengei Sengkol (Ressort Medan), situated about 12 km West of Medan.  The hospital was established before 1903. See picture KITLV. The hospital existed till april 1943, when it was converted into a prisoner camp by the Japanesee. In 1979 the buildings still existed and functioned again as hospital (R. Kousbroek, Terug naar Negri Pan Erkoms (Amsterdam 1995) 51-60.

Source: B.M. van Driel, “De sterfte der ondernemingsarbeiders ter Oostkust van Sumatra en in Atjeh in 1929.” Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch Laboratorium te Medan no. 9, 1930. Soengei Sengkol was situated in the hospital resort Medan and reported for the year 1929 a total number of indentured labourers of 6,802 of whom 6.62 % died in that year.