Sungei Sikambing

The Central Hospital at the tobacco estate Soengei Sikambing was established before 1918. Source: E. van de Velde, “Het hospitaalwezen op Sumatra’s Oostkust,” Het Ziekenhuis  9,10 and 11 (1918). Soengei Sikambing is numbered 12 on the legenda of central hospitals. Like the Hospital Soengei Sengkol it was situated west of Medan. Its owners were the Guigne freres who also exploited the Tjinta Radja estate,east of Tandjoeng Poera. They issued plantation tokens to pay their coolies already in 1875-76 (Internet, Ad Lansen 22-12-2015, 14:04)

Medan was the capital of the Government East Coast of Sumatra and likewise of the department Deli and Serdang and the sultanate Deli. Medan had 75,000 inhabitants of whom 4,000 Europeans and 30,000 Chinese.  It had a municipality and a mayor. (Gonggryp 1934, 825).