Wingfoot hospital


The Wingfoothospital was  established in 1919 by the rubberestate Wingfoot at Rantauparapat. The picture was taken from the KITLV collection, signature code 79203 and was titled: Doctor Goudberg and a nurse in front of the wingfoothospital at Rantauparapat (date: 1934). From the Memorie van Overgave 1934: Subsequently the Government made agreements with the plantation hospitals Wingfoot, Membang Moeda, Negaga, Tebing Tinggi, Petoemboekan en Perbaoengan, to nurse  Government patients. Some Landschappen have also agreements with plantation hospitals. Source: Grote Atlas van NOI, pag. 121: The Goodyear Rubber Plantations Company cultivated 16,214 ha 15 km Southeast of Rantauprapat. Its production in 1937 was 5,108,143 kg.