Health resort Selabatoe

Sanatorium Selebatoe te Soekaboemi in 1930 (34117) Sanatorium Selabatoe


The Koloniaal Verslag 1884 mentions the establishment of a new  health resort at Soekaboemi in the Preanger Residency, called  Selabatoe. As well as the other institutions of this kind, it  was a private  foundation, managed by a private doctor and partly subsidized by the government on condition that it admitted civil servants and army officers for reduced prices. In April 1885, when the hospitals of Batavia and Buitenzorg were overcrowded, sick convicts , mainly beriberi patients have also been admitted in this convalescence clinic.

The picture was published by the KITLV. Its number was 10684 and the picture was probably taken somewhere near 1900.