Health resort Tosari

Sanatorium Tosari 1890

In 1893 a reconvalescence clinic was established at Tosari near the Tengger mountains in the province of East Java (Residency Pasoeroean). This institution was later used to nurse tuberculosis patients. The Government had a contract with the private owner to have 5 patients (civil servants or military officers) treated against reduced tariffs in this healthy environment. The medical care was given without pay by the doctor who ran the place. There was much eagerness to get access to this place, but it was decided that for some patients it might be better to create an intermediate situation as far as climate was concerned and so two additional places were contracted in the lower situated Poespo. A total of 7 places was contracted in the two institutions for a subsidy of ƒ 750 per month. (See Koloniaal Verslag 1893, 42).