Hospital Deli Cy

Vrouwenzaal ziekenhuis Deli Mij te Medan 1905 (88264)

The main hospital of the Deli Company at Medan was founded about 1900. A report of this hospital will be found in the GTNI 47 (1907). The picture is from the KITLV beeldbank, signature 88264 and was taken in 1905 and shows the female ward. This is the largest hospital of the Deli Company with 600 beds. Dr. Romer was the chief of this hospital, when it was visited in March 1913 by Sir Malcolm Watson, author of  ‘Rural sanitation in the tropics. This author appraises the hospital thus: “Most of the buildings have been up many years; nevertheless, the wards are large and freely ventilated through the lattice-work sides. There are no verandahs; the floors are of cement; the roof of shingles. The beds are either plain planks or wire mattresses. The latter are disliked by the collies, and are not used unless the other beds are occupied. There is an excellent dispensary, and an up-to-date operating room. An examination room, fitted with X-ray and other apparatus, enables the fullest possible examination to be made in obscure cases. The latrines consist of toughs full of desinfectant. These and all the sewage from the hospital drains are run off into the river once in the twenty-four hours. In his office the medical officer has an fine medical library. Careful records are kept, and the Annual Report of about fifteen closely written pages deals with each disease in detail, and is full of statistical tables and charts. Dr. Romer was kind enough to allow me to peruse his report and make extracts; and since my return to the Federated Malay States, Dr. De Jong has kindly given me some additional information. It is a most interesting record of the health of a great tropical labour force, whose diseases have been studied with scientific care;