Indigenous hospital (GBZ) Bangil

In 1902 an indigenous hospital was found in Bangil (Residency Pasuruan). The hospital was mentioned in the annual report of the Civil Medical Service and also the outpatient service that was organized by this hospital from August 1902. The outpatient clinic was visited mostly by eye patients. There were many cases of trachoma and in the year of reporting 272 cases of cholera were known, of whom 218 died (Source: GTNI 43 (1963) 694-72.

Bijblad no.11446 of the Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie (Supplement of the NI Statutebook) of 27 August 1927, concerns the regulations about status, personnel and tariffs of the Government Civil Hospitals (GBZ) . The hospital at Bangil was accorded 4th class nursing care and a nursing tariff of 1.50 guilders. In the 1930s the Government Civil Hospitals were decentralized and some of them were closed or taken over by municipalities, local councils or missionary organizations.

Bangil was in the 1930s a regency, district and subdistrict of the Residency Pasoeroean, Government East Java.  The main town was Bangil. This region was a prosperous district with sugar and coffee plantations (Gonggryp 1934, 89).