Leprosy hospital Kemang Pampang


Gesticht voor lepralijders Kemang Pampang (Palembang)


In the Report of the Civil Medical Service for 1902 a facility for leprosy patients was mentioned, situated at the river Ogan. In that year the number of patients was 16. At the same time it was mentioned that in the capital Palembang a number of 17 leprosy victims were counted. Measures were taken to allow for their isolation.

Because of the government policy towards leprosy, the number of hospitalized leprosy patients decreased after the turn of the century.
The Report of the Civil Medical Service mentions for the year 1909:
7 patients deceased and 3 new ones were admitted. The situation by the
end of the year being: a total of 24 patients: 12 women, 11 men and 1 child.