Leprosy hospital Belawan

The leprosy hospital at Poeloe Si Tjanang (Belawan) was established in 1913 and was managed by the Salvation Army. Kouwenaar mentions it in his article on the health situation at the Southeast Coast of Sumatra (‘Gezondheidszorg SOK 1911-1935’ , 292): the care of labourers affected with leprosy was organized by an initiative of the plantation owners. The management was transferred to the Salvation Army, whereas the running expenditure was met by Government and private subsidies.

From: Memorie van Overgave 1934 (Memorandum of transfer of office): There are two large leprosy hospital on the Southeast Coast of Sumatra: one at Laoe Si Momo, managed by a missionary organization and the one at Poeloe Si Tjanang, managed by the Salvation  Army. Both hospitals have a bed capacity of 400 patients. The important contribution of dr. I.A. Fischer is mentioned. He tried to get the patients cooperate on a very early stage of the disease, when the results and chances of improvement or healing were the most promising. Before 1930 patients entered the leprosy institution  in a very late stage, when  the healing process was very unsuccessful. The institutions grew into places of despair and terror and were avoided by the local population. by systematic research the kampongs were known that provided patients for Laoe Si Momo. The institution at Poeloe Si Tjanang meets with more problems, as there are many nationalities assembled here, who came from faraway places such as the Bannelingenhospitaal of Banda Neira.