Leprosy hospital Kota Po Amat

In the Colonial Report of the year 1906 (KV 1906) its is reported that on the island of Kota Po Amat (XXVI Moekim) in the Government Atjeh and Dependencies a leprosy kampong was founded, in which in some 8 houses the patients from the moekims and from the area outside the sagis have been housed.
In the Statute Book (Staatsblad) no. 79 of 29 January 1912 the Governor General announces that funds have been supplied for the leprosy colony of Po Amat: to a maximum of 50 patients an amount of 10 guilders per month will be available. In the Statute Book no. 142 of 13 February 1915 the maximum is augmented to 75 patients.

A Moekim is something like a parish in Atjeh. The local chiefs (Oeleebelangs) divided their area in moekims or districts, which were close enough situated to form a parish for the Friday prayers.