Leprosy Hospital Kundur

Leprozerie Koendoer

From The edition of 5 April 1928 of the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant:
Interview of the departing director of the Leprosy Hospital at Koendoer, near Palembang, mr. Ullings, who together with his wife managed the leprosy facility for 10 years on behalf of the Salvation Army. In 1918 the facility started with 40 patients. Nowadays there are 200 patients.
40 married couples live in separate houses. The other patients are housed in
14 double houses, 11 provisory houses and 3 communal halls for men, women and children. There is a ‘gudang’, a house for the mandur and one for the Chinese assistant and a house for the director.The patients may earn pocket money by doing some work. The men get 50 cents per day, the women 60 cents. Some have their own small fields and grow some crops.
The policy is changing: the authorities try to trace leprosy patients in the neighbouring kampongs (estimated at 600) and oblige them to get into a leprosy hospital. An ordinance is being prepared to facilitate obligatory hospitalization. The mortality is about 10 %. The director has urged the government to provide funds for extensions, but until now without success.
The medical doctor of the BPM at Pladjoe (dr. Ave l’Allemand) is charged with the medical care. Nowadays some mitigation of pain is obtained by applying Chaulmoogra-Oil. On the terrain a missigit is available and patients are free to chose the religion of their conviction.

In 2014 the leprosy hospital at Banyuasin, near Palembang has about 175 beds. It has more than 40 doctors and 100 nurses. The hospital is registered by the Ministery of Health (Code RS 1671072) as a Class A hospital. The director is called dr. Zubaidah Elvia.