Leprosy hospital Molanen

The Leproserie Molanen was founded in 1701 at Molanen on Amboina and continued its existence to 1765.

From: D. Schoute, De Geneeskunde in den dienst der Oost-Indische Compagnie in Nederlandsch-Indie: p. 180-181: “In 1699 the decision was taken to build a second hospital at Amboina, notably a leprosy insttitution. This disease (leprosy) had strongly expanded in the Moluccas.In 1701 the building was completed, not perfectly solid: it was made of “gabbe, gabbe and atap”. And exactly as it had been at Batavia some 30 years earlier, opposition was raised against the location of the building, close to the coast, at a place where during the west-mossoon much fish was delivered for the Castle. This was judged to be “seer afschuwelyck” (very horrible). Thus the colony was removed and replaced to a small island Molanen (Just as had been the case with Batavia). The whole population of the Moluccas had to participate in financing the institution. Even Makassar had to pay its part.”

  1. 288: “thus the end of the leprosy institution in the Moluccas, on the island of Molanen, had been sad. As before was mentioned this small hospital had at first been founded near Ambon in 1699, but later on it moved towards the small island of Molanen at the beginning of the 18th century. In 1711, there were 74 leprosy patients and in 1714 this number even raised to 100. In this year the house got an instruction. The daily affairs were looked after by a third surgeon, assisted by a corporal and 4 soldiers. The supervison was in the hands of the chief of Saparoea. The patients had a rather uncomplicated life, they had their own gardens and utensils for fishing.”