Leprosy hospital Panijer Daoe

Specialized hospital Leger des Heils (Salvation Army)

The Government Decision of 21 October 1918 no. 30 authorized the Resident of Bali and Lombok to  get into an agreement with the foundation `Salvation Army` under conditions formulated in that decision, stipulating that the foundation would be charged with the management of the leprosy facility at Panijer Daoe.

In the 1930s, the Vereeniging tot bestrijding van lepra (Association to combat leprosy) concentrated its activities on combating unhygienic conditions of life and on tracing commencing cases of leprosy and subsequently isolate and treat them. The aim was to promote the voluntary registration of leprosy and isolation in separate huts on the premises of the patient. In 1939, the chief of the Public Health Service reported for the year 1937 a number of 8,089 leprosy patients for the whole archipelago, of whom almost a quarter (1,921) on Bali and Lombok.
In the course of the 1930s each desa on Bali and Lombok had its own leprosy committee to report patients and isolate them.