Leprosy hospital Tangki

Tangki (Batavia)

In the Koloniaal Verslag 1914 the leprosy facility at Tangki near Batavia is mentioned. It was founded by the ” Vereniging tot bestrijding der lepra in Nederlandsch-Indie” . During 1912 31 patients had been admitted. 5 patients died during that year and 4 left the facility.
The hospital was awarded subsidy by Government Decree no. 34 of 17 May 1913 and by Decree no. 26 of 27 March 1914. The total amount was f 8,400 and was assigned to the search for leprosy patients and their home-nursing program.

Nowadays there is a hospital at Tangerang, near Jakarta: The Leprosy Hospital Dr. Sitanala with some 200 beds and more than 60 doctors, 170 nurses and other healthcare staff.