Leprosy hospital Lahat

In the Residency Palembang many cases of leprosy were reported.
The annual report of the Civil Medical Service about 1902 mentions a number of 14 cases that had been treated in Lahat in 1902.
It was unknown how many cases of leprosy were found in the neighborhood.

Lahat used to be the capital of the department Palembangsche
Bovenlanden and of the subdepartment Lematang-hoeloe
(Residency Palembang), it was the station of the assistant
Resident of the Department and of the controller BB (Civil Service)
of the sub department.
The town was situated at a level of 110 meter above sea level and
had an agreeable climate. It was situated at a sideline of the railway Palembang-Teloekbetoeng (Residency Lampong Districts) and at the Lematang, a side river of the Moesi (Gonggryp, 1934).

Lahat nowadays is a Regency in the province of South Sumatera.
It has about 531,000 inhabitants. In this region no leprosy facility is mentioned.