Leprosy hospital Loano

Gesticht voor lepralijders at Loano (Surakarta)

See Koloniaal Verslag 1890:

The hospitals for leprosy patients produced data on two institutions situated in the so-called Vorstenlanden (Principalities) on Jawa: one at Wangkang (Surakarta) and one at Loano (Djogjakarta). These institutions were partly financed by local princes and native rulers. Next to these two institutions there was mentioned one at Pelantoengan (Semarang), the only institution with European leprosy patients, and a fourth institution at Kemang Pampang (Palembang).  In the last mentioned hospital there were by the end of 1889: 22 inpatients, at Pelantoengan there were 31 patients and the two institutions in the Principalities had by the end of 1889: 138 (Surakarta) and 24 (Loano). The previous (1888) year these numbers were resp. 92 and 22.