Leprosy hospital Poerwakarta

The Report on the situation of the Possessions in the East Indies (‘Verslag van het beheer en den staat der Oost-Indische bezittingen’) of 1859 mentions the authorization to initiate a Leprosy asylum at Poerwakarta (Krawang). Initially a number of 30 patients were admitted to this institution.
The annual report of 1871 mentions the Leprosy Asylum at Poerwakarta, but indicates that only other categories of patients are admitted and no leprosy patients any more.

Poerwakarta was the main town of the regency Krawang and of the district and subdistrict Poerwakarta, Residency Batavia, Province of West Java. The town was situated on the railway (Gonggryp 1934, 1178).

Nowadays (2019) the town has a population of 710,000. Situated at a distance of about 100 km southeast of Jakarta.