Melaatschenkolonie Donoredjo

Melaatschenkolonie Donoredjo

Donoredjo (Semarang)



Doopsgezinde Zendingsvereeniging

Protestant Mission


A subsidy of f 34,000was granted for building and equipment (Government Decision 14 January 1916 no. 27). In 1936 the institution reached a capacity of 207 beds and 75,516 nursing days. The subsidy in that year amounted to f 31.385,64. A year lateer the capacity was 196 beds and 71.818 nursing days. The subsidy amounts to f 37.919,10. The Governor General decides to fix the amount per inpatient on f 7,50 per month (Decision of 19 August 1919 no. 38, Staatsblad  1919 no, 532.

See Mededeelingen DVG 1939 (no. 28).

23 Annual Report of the sanatorium Donorodjo, institution of leprosy patients, year 1938:
From: G(eneeskundig) T(ijdschrift) N(etherlands) I(ndies) 1939, 79, afl. 33, 15 August 1939, page 2096:
The sunray installation had regular users. The report states that many patients use the sunray. Under the guidance of a nurse 20 patients at the same time are exposed to the ultraviolet radiation. It is a kind of weak radiation but it is a lasting one. the results have still to be evaluated. It seems that the influence of this therapy for many patients has been positive in that it cures many skin defects. Yet for a few patients even a limited dose of the radiation can be hardly supported, whereas it does not show effects in many cases, except for its psychological influence.