The Semaroongesticht (Foundation Semaroeng) originally was destined to serve poor people (bedelaars). It had been founded at Surabaya and was not a proper hospital.

The Staatsblad 585 of 6 November 1911 (Decision Governor-Genral no. 46 of 30th October 1911) closes the Semaroongesticht and renames it into “Leprozengesticht Semaroong”. The institution serves the leprosy patients of the indigenous population. In 1936 it was subsidized for an amount of f 19,446.89 and had a capacity of 194 places (70,921 nursing days). See Mededeelingen DVG 1939 (no. 28): in 1937 its capacity was 196 places and the subsidy  amounted to f 20,253.39. It should be re-arranged with the specialized hospitals and not with the charity hospitals.