Leprosy hospital Temadjoe

About the 1890s a leprosy facility was founded on the island Temadjoe near Pontianak (West Kalimantan). Actually, the island was situated near the coast at more or less equal distance from the towns of Pontianak and Singkawang. It was a very small facility for only seven patients and was maintained by voluntary contributions of the population. It was the explicit wish of the population to provide for the expenditure of this institution. Probably this facility had no long existence, because it was only mentioned a few times in the Koloniaal Verslag :” In the leprosy institution on the island Temajoe (Dept Manpawa, Western Borneo) were 6 persons nursed by the end of the year 1905.” Two years later the KV 1907 mentions that these six persons had left the institution. Four of them left for Pontianak and the others towards isolated places in that department. (afd. Mampawa)