Garrison hospital Ambon


The Garrison hospital 2nd class at Ambon (Moluccas) was controlled by the Militaire Geneeskundige Dienst (Military Medical Service). The hospital was established somewhere before 1867, for it was mentioned in a list of that year reproduced by Schoute (De Geneeskunde in de 19e eeuw, 828). The average number of inpatients that year amounted to  95 patients.

The main town Ambon of the Residency the Moluccas was established at the Bay of Ambon on the peninsula of Leitimor. The regional military commander was ranked lieutenant-colonel.

In 1898 a heavy earthquake took place that demolished the hospital. The hospital was rebuilt and may be found on the map of the island, p. 413 of the Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost-Indië (Comprehensive Atlas of the Netherlands East Indies), edited by the KNAG (Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap) in 1903.

Nowadays the military hospital of Ambon is called Rumah Sakit TKII Prof.dr.J.A. Latumeten.