Garrison hospital Banda

The 3rd class military Garrison hospital at Banda (Moluccas) was first mentioned by D. Schoute in his publication “De Geneeskunde in Nederlandsch Indie in de 19e eeuw”, GTNI 75 (1935) 10, 827. In this article a list was presented of all military facilities, existing in the Netherlands Indies in the year 1867. The Garrison hospital was part of the Military Medical Service (MGD) and had on average in the year 1867 a number of 31 occupied beds. In 1890 the Koloniaal Verslag reported the situation on military health facilities (Annex D), but did not mention the garrison hospital again. There was a hospital for so-called perkenier-slaves and maybe this facility took also care of military patients.

Banda was in the 1930s a subdepartment of the Residency Amboina of the Government of the Moluccas. In earlier times Banda itself was a Residency. The United East Indies Company (VOC) occupied in 1619 the Banda islands and monopolized the culture and commerce of nutmeg (Gonggryp 1934, 72-73).