Garrison hospital Pulau Kapal

The garrison hospital 3rd class at Onrust (Pulau Kapal) is mentioned in the publication of D. Schoute “De Geneeskunde in Nederlandsch-Indie in de 19e eeuw”, GTNI 75 (1935) 10, 826. The article refers to a survey of  all the military facilities in 1867 . In that year the garrison  hospital of Onrust had on average 36 inpatients. The hospital was part of the Military Medical Service (MGD),  which in 1867 (the year of the survey of all military facilities) managed a total of 79 facilities (3 large military hospitals, 35 garrison hospitals and 41 infirmaries) with on average 4,244 occupied beds.

Some 25 years later, the Annex D of the Koloniaal Verslag 1890 reports a total  of 3,358 inpatients by the end of that year, whereas 52,631 patients have been admitted for the whole of the Netherlands Indies. The report concerns 28 military hospitals, 54 ziekenzalen (infirmaries) and 6 specialized facilities. The garrison hospital at Pulau Kapal is not mentioned in this survey, most probably meaning that the hospital had been closed in the meantime (See KV 1889, 29: The military establishment has been ended in 1888, because no garrison was needed after the marine establishment was closed).

Onrust, a small island in the harbour of Jakarta had a surface of 9 ha. Since 1911 uptill now it has been used as prisoner camp. Before it housed some health facilities for shipcrews and for leprosy. On 29 September 1935 the sanatorium Zeerust was established on this island (See Patients of the Colonial State, 216-217).