Infirmary Anjer

The military infirmary 3rd class at Anjer (Bantam) was mentioned by D. Schoute, “De geneeskunde in Nederlandsch-Indie gedurende de 19e eeuw”, GTNI 75 (1935) 10, when he produces a survey for the year 1867 and notes a capacity of 8 beds for this military facility. This facility was part of the Military Medical Service (MGD) that in the year 1867 managed health facilities with on average 4,244 beds for the whole archipelago then under control. In 1890 this facility is mentioned no more.

Anjer, nowadays called Anjer Lor was situated on the northwest coast of Bantam.It used to be an important port town for sailing ships, but in the 1930s it lost its importance.It was a District of the Regency of Serang and belonged to the Residency of Bantam in the province of West Java (Gongryp 1934, 28 and 532).