Infirmary Besuki

The infirmary 4th class at Besuki is mentioned by D. Schoute (“De geneeskunde in Nederlandsch  Indie in de 19e eeuw”, 75 GTNI (1935) 10, 826), when he discusses a survey of the year 1867 in which all the military facilities existing at that time in the  archipelago are shown. The infirmary at Besuki was part of the Military Medical Service (MGD), which at that point managed a total of 79 facilities (3 large military hospitals, 35 garrison hospitals and 41 infirmaries) with on average 4,244 occupied beds. Some 25 years later the Koloniaal Verslag published with Addendum D, the figures for the year 1890. The infirmary of Besuki is not mentioned any more.

Besuki was in the 1930s a Residency in East Java with 2,082,000 inhabitants. It is bordered in the north by the Street Madura, in the east by the Street Bali and in the west by the Residency Probolinggo. In the southeast is the peninsula Belambangan, in earlier times a Hindu realm. In Bondowoso and Jember tobacco and sugar are cultivated (Gonggryp 1934, 135).