Military hospital Lho Seumawe

The military hospital Lho Seumawe is mentioned in Annex A of  the Koloniaal Verslag 1899  as  the infirmary at Telok Semawe, which admitted 232 patients during 1898 and had a presence of  only 2 patients.

The Sumatra Post of 2 February 1926 mentions the appointment of dr. Van Dalen as superintendant of the military hospital, replacing his predecessor dr. Verhagen. benoemd tot chef van het militair hospitaal als opvolger van dr. Verhagen, zie Sumatra Post van 2 Februari 1928.

The directing Health Officer 2nd class, W. van der Veer reports about the MGD in the period 1911-1934 and mentions the transformation of a number of military hospitals into ziekenzalen (Infirmaries), among others this happens to the garrison hospital at Lho Seumawe in 1934. See: Geneeskundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch-Indie (GTNI) 76 (1936), 202-234. See van der Veer: p. 224: in 1934 this hospital was converted into an infirmary and economizes on personnel, whereas the more simple administrative tasks were commissioned to the garrison quartermaster.

Lhokseumawe was in the 1930s the subdepartment of the Northcoast of Atjeh, Government Atjeh and Dependencies. The town is the main seat of the department as well as the subdepartment and is situated on the Atjehtram. It has 70,000 inhabitants, of whom 135 Europeans and almost 1,300 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 760).