Hulp Zendings ziekenhuis Doloksanggul

The auxiliary missionhospital at Doloksanggoel, was situated south-west of the Toba Lake in the Residency Tapanuli on the North-west Coast of Sumatera. The original population of Dolosanggoel belongs to the Toba-Bataks.

The hospital was founded by the Rheinische Mission Gesllschaft about 1913. The first mentioning of subsidy was found in Annex U of the Koloniaal Verslag 1913, when a subsidy was accorded of about f 1,100 to this hospital.

The hospital was also mentioned in various copies of the Regeeringsalmanak, for the last time in the issue of 1942, page 312.

Nowadays (2022) the hospital is called Rumah Sakit Umum Doloksanggul. From its website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated):

The journey and history of the Doloksanggul Regional General Hospital has been long and long since the Dutch colonial era, starting around 1906 by Mr. Rev. the Doloksanggul church complex, Tapanuli, Sumatra Indonesia where the ownership of the Hospital at that time was the Church.
At first the hospital had a capacity of 15 beds with a building area of ​​750 square meters. At that time the Hospital was led by Mr. Doctor Hoeke and assisted by around 10 nurses to serve it, until 1939 Zending Hospital functioned properly.
In 1940, when Indonesia was colonized by the Japanese, the Zending Hospital's activities stopped, the hospital building was used for the needs of the Japanese army, such as ammunition storage and food storage by the Japanese occupiers. All health workers leave the hospital and return to their respective countries, the native health workers go to the forest. In 1940 – 1942 the Missionary Pastors were forced to leave Tapanuli, all Zending activities (Church, Education and Health) had to stop and the leadership of the Church shifted to the Indonesian Batak people, namely Ompui Pastor J. Sihombing.

In 1945, after Indonesia's independence, this hospital was reactivated by HKBP church pastors who were assisted by German missionaries, and Zending activities had begun to function and the hospital was called Doloksanggul HKBP Hospital where the head of this hospital was a nurse, Mr. Paian Samosir.