Hulpziekenhuis Ambarawa

The auxiliary indigenous hospital at Ambarawa (Semarang) was founded by the Salatiga Mission somewhere in the eaarly 1900’s. The Koloniaal Verslag 1906 mentions that the auxiliary hospital was managed by a protestant missionary who possessed sufficient medical know-how and that it was granted government subsidy.

The Staatsblad voor Nederlandsch-Indie 1906,no. 276 also mentions the granted subsidy.

From the report of the hospital at Purwodadi the following was recorded: Mr.Kruyt, a European corporal nursing assistant from Ambarawa was  employed by this hospitalfor some time to acquire experience. He was examined at Blora and was then employed by the auxiliary hospital of the missionary teacher A. Zimmerbeutel of the Salatiga Mission at Ambarawa.

Ambarawa was a district of the Regency of Semarang (Central Jawa).