Diaconessenhuis Ngemplak

The Diaconessenhuis Ngemplak at Surabaya was founded in 1898 by the Vereeniging Soerabaiasche Ziekenverpleging (Hospital Association Surabaya). It is arranged in the category Charity hospitals or Missionary hospitals.

From: C.E. Benjamins, Het Julianaziekenhuis te Semarang, page 3: De ziekeninrichting Ngemplak te Soerabaia arrived at  3127 nursing days only in the third year. Surabaya and Batavia introduced the modern hospital care in Indonesia, 10 years before the foundation of the Juliana ziekenhuis at Semarang. In 1939 the Surabaya hospital published its last annual report.

Patients of the Colonial State, page 210: H. Zeydner, Chairman of the Association that exploited the much smaller Deaconess Hospital of Soerabaja, sketches a similar picture for the annual account 1939 of this hospital. The total expenditure of f 112,000 had been made for an average bed occupancy of 36 patients. In-patient income covered almost 80 % of the expenditure (f 89,000). No category on-, en minvermogenden was stated and only patients for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class nursing had been admitted.

Nowadays (2020), the Rumah Sakat Darmo at Surabaya continued the work of the Vereeniging Soerabaiasche Ziekenverpleging.
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