Hulp zendingsziekenhuis Blora

The indigenous hospital at Blora existed about 1890 and became managed by a Protestant missionary in 1905. As this missionary was esteemed to possess sufficient medical know-how a government subsidy was accorded.From 1909 the hospital was accorded subsidy cf Staatsblad 1906 no. 276. The hospital is mentioned in the report of the Civil Medical Service of 1909. With the Government Deceision of 13 May 1927 no. 32 the hospital which in the meantime had assumed a public status as Gouvernements Burgerlijke Ziekeninrichting (GBZ) was closed in October 1924.

Blora was a Regency with a capital with the same name of the Residency Japara-Rembang of the province of Central Jawa (Gonggryp 1934, 153).

Nowadays the hospital at Blora is called Rumah sakit Umum Daerah Dr. R. Soetijono. The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration code: 3316014) with 138 beds….

A Brief History of RSUD Dr. R. Soetijono BLORA

The background of the Blora Regional General Hospital was the emergence of zending or evangelism organizations during the Dutch colonial period. This organization is engaged in religious education and teaching, health services and other social activities. This Zending also established hospitals for the health services of the indigenous people.

Zending Blora General Hospital, founded in 1907, is a hospital belonging to the German zending agency, Neukirchenn Missionhaus, which is part of Salatiga Zending, which is located on Jl. Mount Sindoro Ds. Paste Kec. Blora (now SDN I Tempelan) then moved places in 1912 on Jl. Dr. Sutomo no 42 Blora until now.

The Zending Blora General Hospital was first led by DS. Van Engelen assisted by a nurse from Germany and a midwife with the initial facilities for establishing an operating room and telephone assistance from Apex. In that same year, the Dutch East Indies Government decided to provide subsidies to the Zending Blora General Hospital because Zending had helped ease the burden on the Dutch East Indies Government in the welfare of the indigenous people as well as being the main tool for Zending's success in Java. In addition to subsidies from the Dutch East Indies government, the Zending Blora General Hospital also received subsidies from the German Zending and from private medical practices.

In 1917 the Dutch East Indies Government placed dr. Sutomo as head of the Zending Blora General Hospital. Thus it is noted that Dr. Sutomo was the original doctor who first led the Zending Blora General Hospital.

In 1940, with the outbreak of World War II, the Zending Blora General Hospital experienced a financial crisis and there was hostility between the Dutch East Indies Government and the German Government. The Zending Blora General Hospital became increasingly chaotic after the arrival of the Japanese government in 1942, which in the end the North Central Java Church as the financial manager of Zending Blora was handed over to the Regent of Blora to manage it. On March 30, 1950, the Blora General Hospital was handed over.