Hulp Zendings ziekenhuis Doangan

The auxiliary mission hospital at Doangan (Yogyakarta) was opened in 1925. The initiative was taken by the Zending Gereformeerde Kerkenin the Princedom Yogyakarta in the southern part of Central Jawa.

From:  Memorial Book 40 years Petronella Hospital (1896-1936), pag. 49-50:

In an old resort of the Sultan the auxiliary hospital Doangan was opened in 1925. The expenditure was covered for  50 % by the sultanate and for the other half  on account of the sugar mills Demak Idjo and Rewulu of the Culture company  “De Vorstenlanden”. It was situated in the neighbourhood of the sugar mill Demak Idjo. As a consequence of the economic recession the Culture company could no longer afford to pay its share. In view of the importance of the hospital for the population the Petronella hospital took over this part of the expenditure. The old but very solid building has ample room to admit patients. Outpatient  visits develop satisfactory. On average 40 patients per day are admitted. The hospital  admittance is not encouraged because of the costs. The hospital receives no subsidy from the government. The daily management is carried on by a head nurse, assisted by a student nurse.