Hulp zendings ziekenhuis Juntikebon

The auxiliary mission hospital at Juntikebon was founded in 1919 by the Nederlandse Zendings Vereniging ( Dutch Missionary Association). It was a so-called class 1 hospital (10-25 beds) and received from the government a foundation subsidy of f 6187.50, together with additional subsidies of f 2,372 (Annex Q-XI of the Koloniaal Verslag 1919.In 1929 the subsidy was raised to f 3,300 for personnel and f 2,721 for other expenditure (KV 1930, annex O). The hospital was also mentioned in the paper Nieuws van den Dag of 6 January 1938 and in Th. van den End, De Nederlandse Zendingsvereniging in West-Java, 1858-1963, 24).

Juntikebon (Djoentikebon) was a village in the Regency of Indramayu (Indramajoe) in the Residency of Cirebon (Cheribon) in the province of West Java.