Hulpzendingsziekenhuis Balige

The auxiliary missionary hospital of Balige was established in 1916. It received subsidy for the foundation in that year of ƒ 5471,70 aand for its first equipment of  ƒ 1,000. It was a small hospital in category I, 10 – 25 beds. In 1930 its size had been adapted to 75 beds, whereas the occupancy was much higher: 131 beds. In that year an amount of  ƒ 32,156 was received (Indisch Verslag 1930, 385).

Balige was the main town of the sub department Toba, department Bataklanden, Residency of Tapanoeli, West Coast of Sumatra. The town is situated on the Toba-lake (Gonggryp 1934, 72).

Nowadays the hospital is called Rumah Sakit Umum HKBP Balige, a category C classified hospital (registration code: 1205061) with 134 beds and is located on Jalan Gereja no. 17 at Balige. It may be looked up under page Actual (Charity hospitals umum and khusus).