Hulpziekenhuis Soengaipenoeh

The auxiliary hospital at Sungaipenuh was a general hospital established in 1909 at the Westcoast of
Sumatera and was administered by the person in charge of the negeri-account.

Consult Koloniaal Verslag 1930, annex O. Subsidies for personnel f 0. For other expenditure:
f 600. It is mentioned in the 1919 list of subsidies with an amount of f 2227,50 for the establishment
costs and an equipment subsidy of f 1000,00. Subsidies for other expenditure  f 1201,36. The subsidy
category is Class 1: a small hospital of 10 – 25 beds.

Gonggryp 1934: Soengaipenoeh was the capital town of the department Kerintji-Painan, Residency
Sumatra’s westkust. The town is situated on the plane of Kerintji at about 750 m altitude. It has an
agreeable climate and is connected by motorways with the principal surrounding towns and with the
capital of the Residency, Padang.

Grote Atlas van NOI, page 172, plan of the town with hospital marked.