Lepra Zending Hoeta Salem

The same hospital is mentioned before under the name Lagu Boti.  It is a Leprosy asylum, which was founded the 5th September 1900 by the Rheinische Mission at Barmen. The asylum is situated south of the Toba Lake near the townships of Lagu Boti and Huta Salem in the lands of the Bataks on the Westcoast of Sumatra.

By Gouvernements Besluit (Government Decree) of 19 Aug. 1913 subsidy was accorded of f 5,000 to the Leproserie of the Rheinische Missiongesellschaft at Hoetasalem near Lagoeboti, situated south of the  Toba-lake.

The picture is from the KITLV collection no.101169.

From: C.W. Janssen, De Bataks als exploitanten van hun eigen gebied (The Batak people, developing their own territory) Koloniaal Tijdschrift 12,4  (1924): Leper institution founded by W.Steinsiek (Rheinische Mission) and opened 5 september 1900.

Journal Governor-General Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer March: During his visit of Sumatra in March 1940 he mentions the missionary doctors Dannert and Gross and the manager Rittich. Residency doctor Maasland.

Hoeta means indigenous village community in the Batak country.