Missie Ziekenhuis Alihan

Verplegingsgesticht voor behoeftige lijders (Nursing Home indigent patients) was founded by the missionary minister D. Bakker in 1905 at Alihan in the Regency of Kebumen (Residency Kedu, Central Jawa). In the vicinity of the therapeutic springs of Krakal, which were very popular with the local population.

The number of nursing days in 1905 was 15,543 (men: 9,324 and women: 6,219). The number of occupied beds was in that year 43 on average (Koloniaal Verslag 1906).

The Koloniaal Verslag 1907 mentions the missionary minister K. van Dijk who is in charge in 1906 and reports the number of 14,394 nursing days (admissions of men: 95, women: 57).