Missie Ziekenhuis Bara

According to Jan Willemsen this hospital was founded in 1930 by the Roman Catholic congregation Franciscanessen van Heythuysen. In 1980 this hospital celebrated its 50th anniversary. The hospital is still (2010) known by the name Mission hospital Bara. It is not clear if the township Bara on Madura is meant or a place with the same name on the Moluccas (Buru). We assume it was the last location as no mission activities are known in Madura and these activities are well-known in the Moluccas.

See Jan Willemsen, Van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie, 94, Dutch Missionary Activities, 120-121, KMM 465 mentions the sister M.E.A. Savelbergh (sister Xaverio) who worked from 1924 to 1951 in hospitals in the Bishopry Semarang. She was employed in the hospital of Malang and later on in a desa hospital.